We Love Frozen!

Posted on 15 Aug 2019 in Our Food

We Love Frozen!

Posted on 15 Aug 2019 in Our Food

Take the Hassle Out Of Cooking

The first and foremost benefit to buying a pre-made frozen ready meal is the convenience of not having to purchase and prepare your own ingredients – saving you time and money.

There is no need to have a fridge full of ingredients, or invest in particular herbs and cooking tools for particular tasks – unlike when preparing and cooking for yourself from scratch. There is also a lot less washing up involved, as each meal is packaged ready to pop straight into the oven or microwave to be warmed then plated up at your own convenience.

There is no need to plan ahead either, as you do not need to worry about thawing out Heart to Home Meals frozen ready meals. No matter how many ingredients are used to create your frozen ready meal, the simplicity of heating a frozen ready meal in a microwave or oven really does take the hassle out of cooking.

Nutritious and Transparent

A packaged frozen ready meal by Heart to Home Meals is also clearly labelled to communicate the full ingredients of the dish as well as the salt, sugar and fat contents. This allows you to understand the nutritional information of our frozen ready meals, which we are proud to say are cooked by our team of chefs in conjunction with our dietitian.

A frozen ready meal is a much easier way to control the amounts of salts, sugars or fats you are consuming and are a great way to avoid unhealthy takeaway options too, as our ready meals are a quick and convenient meal straight from the freezer.

Food labelling is also very important for various appetites and dietary preferences. If you particular dietary needs, Heart to Home Meals cater for a range of dietary requirements, making it easy for all of our customers to eat a delicious meal.

Whether you are looking for a low sodium option, high fiber or a vegetarian dish that hits the spot, we label all of our range correctly and accordingly. Follow the diet codes when browsing our menu and feel confident we know our stuff when it comes to nutrition.

Expert cooking

Heart to Home Meals frozen ready meals also allow you to enjoy all the flavour and goodness of thanks to our professional chefs who expertly make meal times enjoyable and convenient for all our customers.

Our head chefs Tim and Liam are dedicated to creating delicious dishes that tickle taste buds to help you get the most out of life. We also cater for breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner and dessert! With so many options to choice from it can be hard to know where to start – that’s why our Easy order bundle are available to introduce you to a little bit of what you fancy.

Above and Beyond

As well as being experts in catering for a diverse range of dietary needs,and providing quality ingredients and a home-cooked taste - we also deliver with a smile!

Our friendly drivers deliver our frozen ready meals to your door and are always happy to help carry your food into your kitchen or pack it away for you. Sometimes, it’s the little things that add value to our meal choices.
Our order process is easy too! Simply order online or give us a call us on 508.658.3000 to try our range of delicious frozen meals available.

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